Can I do better than the 7770?

So a few days ago I upgraded from a ATi radeon HD 5570 that I had and got myself an XFX Radeon 7770. I've been happy because it was a pretty big improvement but after some research I'm curious if I could have spent just a little more money on something better..

My setup:
CPU: Intel i7 860 @ 2.8GHz (stock clock)
PSU: Dynex 400w ATX power supply
Mobo: MS-7613 (Iona-GL8E) motherboard
RAM: 8gb DDR3

I MAINLY play D3, WoW, SC2 but I also play some BF3. My goal is to be able to play the first 3 on ultra with no problems and BF3 on pretty high settings. I am willing to upgrade any hardware if need be but my budget is about $300-350. What would you do given this set-up and budget?
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  1. you could have gotten a 6870 for 144.99 after MIR. but then you need a better power supply since 400w isnt the safest amout of wattage to play with and that i have no idea who makes dynex power supplies (i assume a lower quality OEM but it could be superflower which is great)
  2. well, bf3 needs about a 6870 for high. The 7770 isn't bad and should give you still a decent gaming experience.
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