$1000 - $1400 gaming pc

Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new gaming PC and would like your advice on my choices. I'm a Canadian, so my store choices are a little more limited, and the parts need to be from the same website, and also built on site. (I have a disorder that makes building it myself difficult.)

Approximate Purchase Date: Next few days, no hurry though.

Budget Range: $1000-$1400 (can go up a bit if necessary)

System Usage: Gaming, web, light work (eg. MS office)

Are you buying a monitor: No

Parts to Upgrade: all

Do you need to buy OS: Yes

Preferred Website for Parts:

Location: Quesnel, B.C., Canada

Parts Preferences: What ever is best, but I'm used to Intel and AMD

Overclocking: Maybe light OC

SLI or Crossfire: Not necessary but welcome

Your Monitor Resolution: 1680x1050, 1920x1200

Additional Comments: Preferably not too loud, appearance not very important

Why Are You Upgrading: Old PC is toast

Here's the parts I've found:


CPU fan:






disc drive:



fans x2:

sound card:




Does everything work together? Any suggestions? Thank you very much.

Total Cost before rebates: $1371.93

After rebates: @$1247.48 CDN
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    CPU and motherboard


    dvd drive

    hard drive

    video card


    price match to this



    case. get it while its still cheap


    price match to this

    you can build it yourself although ncix does a great job in building the rig.

    no real need for a sound card

    no need for a case fan

    should run you around the 1250-1300 mark before tax
  2. Thanks for the tips. :)

    Is that cooler really necessary if I don't plan on OC'ing?

    And can you tell me the reasoning behind your changes? (Just so I know) :)
  3. if you are not going to OC (which is a free way to get more performance), a k chip and a z77 motherboard is completely not necessary

    there are many oc guides out there to help you out. its so easy nowadays it takes like 5mins to get 4ghz stably.

    the component upgrades are just slightly better options in terms of performance and reliability and price.
  4. Looks awesome, thanks so much!
  5. It won't let me price match the mobo/cpu combo, though. Your suggestion(s)?
  6. ok then. just get it from memoryexpress. its 4.99 for shipping which is still cheaper than getting it from ncix
  7. yeah its inferior. id still rather pay 5 bucks for shipping at memory express since its still cheaper than ncix without shipping

    if you want to purchase from ncix, get this
  8. If I was to stick with the powercolor 7870, would you keep the rest of the rig the same?
  9. if you do want to save some money in the video card section, by all means go ahead but id suggest this 7870 instead

    cools much better and quieter
  10. Alright, think I'm set. Just trying to decide which GPU. Thanks for all the help.
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  12. no problem. also, if you would like, you can give me some ncix points :D
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