Which one?

I was going to build one of 2 of these set ups... im only posting this so my mom is reinsured about this because she is extremely paranoid that something wont work.

My budget build for video editing/gaming(may be a couple very minor changes)

My serious build that i will get if i get parts from family member from fry's which will equal to same price as budget.

I know the psu is overkill but im extensivly upgrading, also i will most likely do testing from sponsorships hopefully.
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  1. both of them are overkill and a waste of money

    first build. get this

    -overkill psu. overkill even for upgrades
    -evga motherboards are not good for the money
    -switch 810 would be useless since you cant use the space
    -better and cheaper ram
    -7970s are better than 670s. and the evga is a reference card meaning cooling sucks

    second build
    -much better coolers out there
    -overkill motherboard. better options for cheaper
    -extra memory speed is useless
    -dominator is useless. much cheaper ram options that perform the same
    -680s arent much better than the 670s and 7970s are about the same as the 680s but for much cheaper.

    if its a gaming rig, you dont want more than 2 video cards since the 3rd wont give you a ton of performance increase for the money. the most gain from 2 to 3 cards would be 50% but you cant take advantage of that unless you have a 120hz monitor
  2. ok, thanks for the ideas, the reason i chose the parts on the 2011 socket one is because thats what his store has, so ill look around. also does the 7970 have a ref pcb? i plan on watercooling the whole build, therefore the 810.
  3. +1 to everything TheBigTroll said.

    I doubt the store would only have LGA2011 stuff. The LGA1155 is where the money's at.

    You will be using a custom watercooling kit right? Not one of those silly Corsair Hxx.
  4. ya, im going if i can get 2011 because i think i pay just over half of the normal price, im going to get 2011 because then i can get ivy bridge-e later. and im going to do a complete custom waterloop or 2
  5. Ah, nice. You'll have awesome cooling.

    Happy building! :)
  6. not too sure about the xfx. as for the sapphire, its completely custom
  7. alright, cool. its cool that your changes might allow me to get a sexy case labs case. never have to upgrade again lol. eventhough it is extreme overkill, it will help with dual wc loop
  8. 1st 1 with a single 7970 theyre the same price as a 670 and kills it in everything but gaming and the 3930k is above the 3770k barely and it has a 400$ mobo which is a insane waste of money unless you have money to waste and 99% people don't. the switch 810 is a great case but you only have 1 gfx card so you can save money by using a corsair 550d or a vengence c70 case. but since the 670 is amazingly cheap i wouldn't use it. theyre 400$ not 350.
  9. did you not see the starter?... i will get the big build for nearly half off
  10. also the 670... its called a sale
  11. another question, i was also looking at the big bang xpower ii, it that an awesome mobo?
  12. no. if its x79, id only look at asus or the gigabyte up series
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