Pc turns on but no display

i've had the computer for about half a year now, it was my brothers before.
today i went to turn it on but there was no display i looked at the side while it was still on and my side fan was not spinning, this is my only fan connected to my power supply.
i looked inside checked all connections tried my onboard graphics made sure ram was in tight but no luck. i dont have another pc to test my power supply in and i dont have another power supply to test in mine.

with that info is it surely my power supply that is broke or could it be something else

my setup is
nvidia 9800 gt
4 gb ddr2 ram
amd triple core 2.1ghz
rocketfish 5.1 sound card
1 200 gb hdd and a 500gb hdd the 500 gb is slowly going dead could this be causeing the problem, windows along with primary programs are on the 200gb

the hdd light on my case dose flash right when i turn it on but i think thats all it does until i turn it off
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  1. Dead HDD would give you an error message at boot up, so that shouldn't be it.

    Sounds more like the PSU. Since you don't have another one, you can test the current one via the paperclip test:
  2. also i dont know if it did this before the problem but it makes that kinda annoying ring that old crt tv's make could that be because its broken. and my brother is coming over tomorrow i told him to bring his PSU so i can test it in my pc thanks for the quick answer i hope its just my psu

    i dont think the paper clip test will prove anything, my pc turns on so the motherboard is getting power and maybe the hdd cause it does post but nothing shows and my fan connected to the psu doesnt spin, i will check if the psu fan is spinning
  3. Ok so after remembering that a while ago i came across an old dell and took all the stuff out for parts i found the PSU from it. its a 20 pin my motherboard is a 24 pin so if i connect it will i ruin it or will it work some people have said that the 4 pins are only for high end graphics cards and stuff if i do try this i will take out all un-needed things (GPU sound card cd drive)

    so will this work, will i kill my mobo will burn my house down. i will edit or post again with my motherboard model and the wattage of the PSU i have in it and the 20 pin i want to test in it

    EDIT: so the PSU in it is a 300wat and the one i want to test is a 200wat will this be a problem, the 300 was running with a graphics card a cd drive and a sound card but as stated above i will take those out to test
  4. You can try it with just one stick of ram and the primary HD only. Worst scenario is nothing will happen.

    "i dont think the paper clip test will prove anything, my pc turns on so the motherboard is getting power and maybe the hdd cause it does post but nothing shows and my fan connected to the psu doesnt spin, i will check if the psu fan is spinning "

    Confused...your original statement was that there was no display and no fans spinning, so how did you dtermine the MB is getting power. Does the PSU fan spin and can you hear the HD engaging?
  5. try another gpu if you have one or the onboard if you have it... it sounds like either a mobo issue or a gpu issue
  6. @panicmaster i did try my onboard one and same thing so its not my gpu

    @panicmaster and cmichael138 the mobo does get power, i didnt explain it very well so here's what happens. i turn it on and the cpu fan and my other fan (connected to the mobo) spin so does my GPU fan my side fan does not it is the only one on the PSU and my HDD does post

    so either my mobo isnt drawing enough power or the PSU isnt suppleing enough power. thats what im thinking at least. and since my mobo hasnt had any problems and my psu is kinda too weak for my system anyway i think it just died. i will be testing another PSU soon and report what happens
  7. its my PSU i put in the old one and it booted. good things thats the easiest to replace and i can probably get one for free from a friend thanks for helping
  8. yeah glad to help.. glad you figured it out :D
  9. Congrats; glad you found the problem.

    Corsair, Seasonic and Antec make relaible PSUs.

    Good luck!
  10. yep
  11. corsair is really reliable and it is crossfire ready(you can plug in anycard) and there customer service/warranty is nice i say go with that one
  12. Any of the four will easily do the job. The Corsair, at $24.99 after rebate and free shipping is hard to beat. I have that model in my test rig and like it.

    Check the power cables listed for each amd keep future upgrades/additions in mind.
  13. i didnt even notice the rebate, i will try and get that one then. is 430 good, could i upgrade my GPU with it to like a 550ti or 660ti
  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817152028
    i found this one. its 530watt and is only 40 bucks. normally i would overlook ones like this cause its probably cheap but it has a good amount of plugs and has overload protections and stuff, and the reviews on it are pretty good 4 starts and almost 1000 reviews
  15. yeah nice I actually recommend that one if it does not work out just return it and get a corsair XD
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