I5 760 still viable?

ok, so my PC is working on it's 3rd year and i'm thinking about either upgrading a bit or building a new system. if i can upgrade and get another year about of this one that would be awesome.

here's what i'm using now:

core i5 760 2.8ghz(no overclocking)
SSD sata 3 120gb
gtx 470
12gb DDR3 1600

i do play some shooters and whatever else might interest me but i don't do anything too intensive.

what i would like to do is put a corsair h100 on the cpu and overclock it. i would also like to switch the gtx 470 for something like a gtx 660 or a 660ti. would an upgrade like this hold me over for a year or so or would it be more beneficial to build a new pc?
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  1. yes thats quite good. if u want more boost. id consider overclocking ur processor as overclocked its still beast.
  2. What res are you gaming at? if it's 720p you should be fine but 1080 you'll have to turn things down soon or you could always sli :D
  3. even 1080p would be fine
  4. yeah i'm using 1080p.
  5. excellent
  6. thanks for the info. right now it's looking like i'll just upgrading the cpu cooling and overclock it and upgrade the video card.

  7. yep :) anytime.
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