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Hey, I've decided to buy the ATI Radeon HD 4550 512mb DDR3 - for my HP prebuilt computer (model number - s3821 uk).
On eBay, the seller says that this gpu has a DMS-59 connector and that I may need an adapter to connect to a VGA or DVI screen. (I have a VGA screen)
So my question is, where can I get one of these and what type should it be, I'm just really confused, there are all of these splitter cables and female and male ones.
My computer is pre-built and you can access all the specs here -
and my monitor is HP w1907v 1440x900

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The DMS-59 is a dual monitor adapter capable of running dual DVI or VGA monitors. What you need for your monitor is an a DMS-59 to female VGA. It will look something like this: Most PC stores should carry these.

    If you're in canada is what you'd need. In this case it is a DVI and VGA adapter, so you could make use of either in the future without needing a new cable.

    One from newegg (the Canadian one, I can't access the US one anymore)

    The reason you need such a weird adapter is that this is used in half size GPUs much of the time and it allows for them to output to two monitors using only one connection on the back.
  2. mirko2828 said:

    Both are the same, minus the manufacturer.
    Amazon: "This DMS 59 to dual VGA Y cable ...into two high density DB15 female connectors."
    ebay: "DMS-59 to 2 x Female S-VGA"

    Whichever has the cheaper price with shipping is the one to go with.
  3. Ok, I'll buy the eBay one.

    Thanks for the help
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