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Weird clock drop

I'm playing my game then BAM fps drop. I look at gpuz and sensors give me weird results. Core clock is 202.5 Mhz, memory clock 67.5Mhz , shader clock 101.0 Mhz at a 38C temperature.
I am running gtx 460 v2 and this is really weird
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    Is this a newish card or have you been running it for a while? Is your PSU rated high enough? Usually when card don't get enough power they'll just not work at all, but sometimes they'll start creating artifacts and weird stuff. This could fall under "weird stuff". Otherwise it may be defective.
  2. This was working good, its just when i started afterburner
    I reseted and everything is back to normal
  3. Awesome, I love when things fix themselves like that.
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