Razer black widow problems

i have a brand new 2012 razor blackwidow keyboard and i acceidently dropped it now the keys are all messed up like when i hit "d" it goes to the home screen then back to the web browser kind of like "alt-tabing" so i don't what too do so now im just using my stock keyboard please help thanks and ps i didnt know where to post this so i just posted it in systems
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  1. there are many more problems has i keep looking at it seems like a lot of keys are hotkeys for windows programs like for the computers search engine and many other windows functions
  2. ok so with furthe inspection it turns out that the windows key is sticky whic his why some fo the keys work and some dont because it always clcking on windows http://www.disabled-world.com/assistivedevices/computer/hotkeys.php so now i need to know how to unstick this key please help
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