Just upgraded, can't run fans and video cards at the same time

I just recently upgraded to another HD 6950 to my setup, for the CrossFire and whatnots, and I think maybe my powersupply (although it should be completely good for this setup) might be the problem here. I have to unplug all my case fans in order for my computer to start. Although, even in heavy duty games, the computer runs perfectly, nothing out of the ordinary, but as soon as I plug in my fans, I either get the Blue Screen or my computer just starts to mess up (screen wise I mean). I currently have a Corsair GS800 with 66A on the 12v.
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  1. Have you tried one and one casefan, just to rule out a bad fan/short circuit? And are the fans dust free and turns easily?
  2. All the fans are dust free (just did that yesterday) and they all seem to turn normally, will try the one at a time and get back to you.
  3. How strange, just plugged back in everything, and It all works right now, without any problems at the moment. The only thing different I did this time was plug each fan into a separate connector from the psu rather than the extended connectors that they each have on them. Will be back if anything bad happens. And, just out of curiosity, my psu is more than enough to handle this system right?
  4. Nice to hear :-) Your PSU should be able to handle your setup, no problem.
  5. Thank you, now my computer can be quiet with the door shut.
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