Will my rig run on 16gb?

Thats my build, would my i3 make use of the 16GB of ram?

I`m using a 7200 RPM 1TB HDD with it, I plan on this:

Youtube browsing (720/1080p of course)
Streaming por... movies off of the internet
Rendering around 10 minute 1080p videos
Playing BF3/Minecraft with my 7870

Would I notice 8GB-16GB difference? I`m running 1333 on it even though its 1600 since I can't run anything better with an i3 :P and I`m not upgrading anything, just wondering, suppose I was doing these all at once, would I notice the diff?

Rendering 1080p vid (~10 min long)
Streaming 1080p YT
Streaming movies
Running Minecraft/Minecraft server

^ would I notice the diff there? And with what WOULD I notice the diff? I dont really understand how ram works other then that 2-6gb sucks really bad D:
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    you wouldnt really notice the difference, spend the savings to get an Ivy Bridge i3 (3220 is nice) which can handle 1600 mhz ram with a better mobo which supports it

    Dude, I was reading then kinda realized you might be right, but then you recommended I get a new CPU, which I stated I think twice in the post that I wasn't upgrading, I already have it, D:

    Anyone? D:
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    16GB is more than enough for 1080 rendering and editing.

    8GB suffices, but if you want to feel more secure, go for 16GB.
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