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I installed new graphics card drivers (after being prompted by nvidia) and ever since the update, everything seems to load slower, from large pictures on facebook to the loading screen for games such as WoW, MW3 and BF3. However, and this is what's really confusing me, is that once the program/game has loaded, there are no signs of lag or screen splitting and no crashing. Everything runs as normal once loaded, it's just the actual loading of the program/file.

I've done a spybot search and full AVG scan, both returning no results. I can't post any specs or dxdiag because I'm at work at the moment (I'm in Australia), but when I checked this morning the CPU usage was at <5%. I'm running an AMD FX-8150, 16gb ddr3, a GTX 680. Running Windows 7 Home at the moment. I can't remember my power supply but I'm pretty sure it's more than capable of handling the CPU/GPU demands as the current setup is identical to what it was when it was orignally built.

Am I looking at hardware damage? Should I do a clean install of my OS and see what happens? Because the only major change I've done to any software of drivers is the nvidia update, I'm thinking it's that but I'd like some more clarification from anyone who's experience something similar, or just knows more than me :)

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  1. Are you running the latest drivers? The newest supported ones (which just came out I believe), or the beta ones. And if you're having issues, try rolling back and see if that helps..
  2. What happens if you go back to a previous restore point before you downloaded the new drivers? Does it still do it?
  3. ^Does that roll back the gfx drivers too?
  4. If you are experiencing issues just after the driver update then its the first thing your suspicions/remedies should be focussed on. Perform a clean uninstall of the current drivers (use driver sweeper) and then reinstall the drivers again. See if that helps.
  5. nadim615 said:
    ^Does that roll back the gfx drivers too?

    Before doing a system restore I would use driver sweeper and clean out everything related to your graphics drivers then re-install them and see if that works. If not I would repeat the step above and clean everything out but instead of installing the latest drivers I would install the last drivers that worked before you started having problems.
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