Make ClearType Better?

I have purchased 5 different high quality LCD/LED 23 in monitors. For displaying text, they all performed the same: crappy.

What have I messed with:

tried HDMI vs DVI.
set and reset windows7 cleartype
windows 7 color calibration
played with monitor settings along with NVIDIA control panel

I can't find a sweet spot and text still looks like crap.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium, 32 bit and a GeForce GT 430 video card. All drivers are up to date.

Now I have a Windows XP Laptop with cleartype on and everything looks awesome.

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  1. Here is the issue with this. We have no idea what you are seeing, or how it's crappy. Plus display quality is very subjective. You may like things one way, the next 20 people will yell at you saying it's too bright, or too dim or too sharp or too fuzzy or too much red.. etc...

    About all I (and probably others on the forum) can say is, make sure you are using the native resolution of the monitors, use the proper refresh rate (should be 60 hz for most LCDs), and calibrate the colors/brightness/contrast controls on the monitors. If brightness and contrast are not set right, text will look like it's "blooming" or too thick, or fuzzy. A good start for LCDs is about 30% brightness and start at 50% contrast. Check this web page for some guidance as to what the display should show
  2. Thanks. I have done all that, but I do read many posts about this issue with displaying text vs graphics and movies. I have read some think its a Windows 7 issue and that is what I was looking for comments on here. Thanks! I plug my monitor into my Windows XP and it looks awesome.
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    Have you tried without cleartype?

    I have not noticed anything bad between Windows 7 and XP text on the same PC on same monitor, but something I think I'll check on.

    What does the difference look like to you? Are the letters a bit too fat looking, odd softness around them, can you even put it in words?
  4. You can't shut it off in Windows 7, only adjust it...
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