Intel Pentium G630 vs AMD Athlon II X4 640

Intel Pentium G630 Dual Core 2.7ghz - $68
AMD Athlon II X4 640 Quad Core 3.0ghz- $80

I am building a budget build, my max is $400, the build I have right now which has a Pentium G630 is $380 with tax/shipping. I will be using Windows Home Server 2011. Basically I want to be able to host a Web Server, Mail Server, FTP server and also a Minecraft, CoD4, and possibly a CSS server. The game servers will not be running at the same time, only one game server plus the Mail, FTP, and Web server. Will the Pentium G630 Dual core be able to handle all of this or is best to get an AMD Athlon II X4? Is 8GB enough, the game servers use 1GB which leaves the rest for the PC itself.

Side Question: Would it be better to go with the AMD Athlon II X4 because of its capabilities to be overclocked or is it best to just get the G630?
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  1. I would say that more cores the better, plus the higher clock speed. If the game server only uses one gig of 8gb and whatever the os uses which is about 2, so 5gb left should be great.

    If the computer is running 24/7 def get a after market cooler, the stock cooler is just terrible and loud lol
  2. for minecraft server hosting 2.2ghz dual core(or higher) is recommended and 4gb of ram, but you want to host that and those mail,ftp and web servers i think it's better to be on the safe side and the athlon is clocked higher and a quad core it'd be better to go with the athlon in general and the $12 is probably worth it. Also the 965 BE is quite close to that price range that would be a good one to consider

    Btw with the ram a a 2gig server should be perfect
  3. I also agree. For what you've listed, 4 cores (running faster) will definitely be better than 2 cores. Also, you're right in thinking about overclocking the ahtlon one if possible. And yes, get a cheap aftermarket cooler if you can. Nothing fancy, but anything will be better than what Intel/AMD provide.
  4. Go for athlon x4 as it is suitable for your work.raise your budget and you can get phenom x4 965
  5. What sucks is I really can't raise my budget, I only have about $403 or so. I am almost sure I won't be able to afford getting the Athlon but I will try and see what the prices come out to. Thanks for all of your help guys!

    Last question, the PC will be running 24/7 and it will be in a spot I do homework and such, how loud is the AMD stock cooler? I don't find the Intel stock cooler to be that loud and I don't think the AMD will be like a vacuum, getting an aftermarket cooler right now would just bump up the price too much.
  6. Well i heard some not great things from the stock coolers and running 24/7 with servers
  7. You need to get cpu cooler for amd athlon.
  8. Considering you're on a budget it would be a good idea for you to post a topic asking for people to improve it, in the new build aftermarket cooler and going up to the athlon is going to break your budget
  9. Going with the Athlon wouldn't break my budget necessarily, Windows Server being $50 is what brought up the price otherwise I would be able to get the Athlon and another cooler. Right now total with shipping and tax everything is $407, another cooler would just bring the price to something like $427. Why would AMD supply you with a crap cooler?
  10. Its not crap, but in ur case it will work for a while, but whenever possible i would get a aftermarket one. When i say work for a while, i mean get the job done, not like its going to take a crap or overheat ur cpu as its suppose to cool the cpu when under load and yes amd would not supply u with one that would not keep it cool under load at stock speeds. I prefer temps lower than what the stock cooler does under %100 load, but there still safe, and its rlly the 24/7 thing. If its not being put into a small case and it has decent air flow it should be fine.
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