I7-3770k worth the extra $60?

Decided on the intel i5-3570K.

Quick question though, is the i7-3770k worth the extra 60 bucks?? As far as I can tell the only real difference is that it supports Hyper-threading. in which case, isthat truely worth the extra 60 bucks? Thought I would get you opinion before I buy my chip from newegg

Thanks all, you have been great help!
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  1. no not if ur only gaming.
  2. iceclock said:
    no not if ur only gaming.

    Well I will be doing what is probably refered to as mild gaming (BF3, Planetside 2, Diablo3)

    But I am a Computer Science major and my school requires me to work with engineers so I will be writing engineering programs as well as using MatLab and Solid Works.
  3. well if u require more cpu power. the 3770k could come in handy.
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