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Hi. I'm currently using an AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE that has a stock clock speed of 3.4ghz, but only runs at 800mhz. I've seen forums suggesting its AMD's Cool 'n' Quiet function, although I'm certain it's not. After disabling it, there is no difference. My motherboard is a FOXCONN A74ML-K, and on its site, it clearly states it supports Phenom II processors. You can get your info here:

I've read an article on this site which states that if I use Overdrive to set it to its default clock speed, it will be sorted. I'm sceptical about this, since I'd be making my motherboard do something it isn't meant to do. Would it be safe to do so? And would I need to disable Cool 'n' Quiet before I did it?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
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  1. Also, my specs can be found here:

  2. do you stay at 800 MHz on load too?
  3. satyamdubey said:
    do you stay at 800 MHz on load too?

    As far as I'm aware, yes. I used the CPU Meter widget on my other monitor, and ran it while playing a game online. The clock speed stayed at 800mhz.
  4. Anyone? I'd like confirmation that it is/isn't safe before I try it. And if it isn't safe, what must I do?
  5. reburon, you've put a 140 W TDP cpu in a 95 W socket. There's your problem. phenom 2 cpu's with only 95W TDP are compatible with your mobo. your cpu is safe but mobo will likely die under so much pressure.


    look at cpu type.
    your phenom: http://www.anandtech.com/show/2819
    get a 140 W cpu support mobo.
  6. even if it's a 125 W 965 BE, it's still not compatible
  7. Right. How much danger is it in? The latest I can get a replacement is September..
  8. And if I was to tweak how much each core comsumes, and kept it under 95w, would that keep my mobo safe until my upgrade?
  9. Hang on a mo. Loaded CPU-Z, switched to 'Power Saver' and noticed the thing that says 'Max TDP' is at 65w. That's a good 30w below what the motherboard can handle, so I should be in the clear, right?
  10. that's probably because, the processor is being underclocked and undervolted by the mobo. CPU-Z would be reporting false values. There are only two variants of 965 both arfe "deneb" with the C2 stepping @ 140W and the C3 stepping @ 125 watts.

    Your motherboard's VRM will be strained trying to feed such a powerful processor. keep an eye on the mobo temps while you use your cpu. VRM mosfets are designed for 85-95 C for most board with a 95 W TDP support though higher end boards will have a higher thermal ceiling.

    can't you get a board with am3 support from some auction site?. you must check your cpu stepping and accordingly get a 125/140W mobo.
  11. I think your only chance to go above 800MHz would be to smack a big under-volt on the CPU --- like minus 0.1v or more.

    This will shift all the *P-States* downward from stock. Just keep an eye on the lowest P-State (4x200MHz, or 800MHz). Don't let it go below 0.085v.

    Hopefully, at 16x200MHz (highest stock P-State) your max voltage will be at or below 1.2v, potentially dropping the overall wattage by one-third, or more, at load.
  12. I would suggest you replace either the CPU or mobo.
  13. As an example, here is a PhIIx2 unlocked to a Deneb quad at load using minus 0.125 ...

    At load, total system power at the wall dropped from over 180w, to 134w.

    Your motherboard has SB700, so AOD will not work for you. There is a utility called Phenom MSRTweaker, which should, however, work.

    It allows you to set individual P-States CPU multipliers and voltages.
  14. Awesom post Wisey!!! great info. +1
  15. Only if it works correctly .... :lol:
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