Need unusal power cable for Quadro 4000

I have a Quadro 4000 going into a IBM System x3650 M3 in order to support RemoteFX.
The power plug on the Quadra appears to be a standard PCI-E plug.
However, since this is a 2U rack mount server, the power supply of the server does not have auxillary connectors.

There is a plug on the Motherboard called a video auxillary power connector as shown in the diagram:!110&authkey=!AJUE91yFVCXxYOk

The power plug on the MB, however, appears to be exactly the same as the on card as show:!107&authkey=!AFZWvMPbABVCge0

As a result, I need a power cord with 2 male 6 pin connectors. These don't seem to exist.

Any suggestions?

brett at
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  1. The power connector should come from the power supply and not the board.

    If the power suppy for some odd reason does not have the connector, you can buy adapters:

  2. Thanks, but as stated the power supply of the server does not have power cords coming out the power supply.
  3. It's IBM part number 49Y4402 for anyone looking for this in the future.
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