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I am running WXP SP3 on both Dell Desktop computers. My main computer has my modem w/DLink DIR 625 Rev A Router/WPA security. I was connecting to my other desktop w/DLink DWA 142 Adapter and due to slow connectivity & drops, I thought I would try a new adapter. I got the TP-Link TL-WN722N Adapter because it said it was compatible with the DLink Router. I cannot get them to sync up. I am using WZC to connect, I can see my SSID, select it, input my WPA code and it says automatic, and still no connection. I also tried using TP-Link's software vs WZC, it will connect through unsecured networks but will not connect to mine. I called TP Link, they were of no help!!!! We had a HUGE communication problem, I even ask to speak with someone else who spoke better english/also a superviser and was told I could not. I have not called them back. My main question is whether the router/adapter are compatible with each other and if so what can I do to get them to sync up. I already re-set my router, turned off Mcafee/Windows firewalls, tried to manually install driver from their website (I also have tried to use the disk that came with the adapter), completely uninstalled their software (reg keys, temp files and all), clean install, still no go. Any help out there is appreciated. Thanks
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  1. If you have McAfee, just uninstall it. McAfee ONLY bring troubles, anything from network to whatever you can't imagine. It also slow down the computer. I don't understand anyone who likes McAfee and even enjoy it. My husband got McAfee because it is free with his email account. He spent the whole night and got frustrated to install TP-Link 150 Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapter TL-WN722N. I later join him and we tried almost everything, you name it. He doesn't like to change anything EVER, but I persuaded him to uninstall McAfee. He got excited and told me he saw the "wireless signal bar" that we saw on another computer that we successfully installed TL-WN722N. He NEVER saw this "wireless signal bar" with MacAfee installed. DON'T EVER BUY THE STUPID McAfee AGAIN!!!!! TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!! I have all kinds of friends who don't know computer much asked me for help for their computer problems, mostly slowness. It's all McAfee's fault. If you worry what to use for free, try AVG and Microsoft MSE. They are all free and easy to use. Most important, they give you peace of mind!!!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I also get McAfee free with my internet subscriber, it does slow down the computer in question. I tried to install my TP-Link with McAfee shut down and didn't work, so maybe I'll completely try uninstalling McAfee and give it another try. I also tried AVG before and it seemed to slow my computer down as much as McAfee. I have heard people have nightmares with MSE so didn't give it a chance. At this point I reinstalled my old DLink adapter, slow, slow, slow, so maybe I'll try my TP-Link again with AVG or MSE. Does anyone know between the two which one is a memory hog??

    Thanks again
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