New Build, Tricky Gfx Card Question, help!

Hello All,

I am building a New PC in the next couple of days. I am having trouble deciding on a graphics card for my new beast. I am going to get the I5-3570K, ASrock Extreme4, 8 GB GSkill Ares (or another low profile RAM) and a Hyper 212 Cooling etc.

I am waiting for the 660ti to come out tomorrow and read the official specs like anyone else etc. I cant decide what GFX card to choose from. My budget allows somewhat of a price deviation but I cant affford a super high end card unfortunately. I am asking everyone out there to help me pick out between a few models or suggest something I havnt looked at.

My options:

Nvidia 660ti

Nvidia 570

Nvidia 560Ti

POSSIBLE 670 series.

I am primarily using this for gaming, Im getting a 1080p monitor and would like to run games in 1080p.

I am sort of intrigued by this card:

Its the EVGA Classified 448Cuda 1.25GB 320-bit etc.

I dont really know that much about graphics cards and what all the specifics are, its PCI-e 2.0 as opposed to 3.0 which im not sure if thats a huge deal but I have read some concerns with the 660ti's 192 bit and this card has 320.

Id appreciate some insight, if not these cards whats the best 560TI card or should i go with better? I am NOT looking at ATI only NVidia.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. yeah you should get the 660ti.

    a 448 core classified SLI is beaten by a 670. a 660ti isnt too much behind in performance as to a 670 so what do you think?

    post a message in the new build section in the forums and we can help you with the main rig
  2. I'd really look at a getting a GTX 670 if you can swing for it. The memory interface is about 33% more memory bandwidth helps it pull ahead of the GTX 660 TI at higher resolutions.

    If the GTX 670 is too much money, the GTX 660 TI is $100 less and looks like it's gonna be a rock solid performer. I'm pretty excited about the card myself.

    I wouldn't get either the GTX 560 or 570. The one you picked out only has 1.25GB of VRAM which even for 1080P is getting pretty slim. If you crank the AA on the GTX 570 it'll really start to bog down. Crysis 2 with the DX11 patch and Hi Res Texture Patch @ 1080P uses about 1.45GB of VRAM so you couldn't even run it.
  3. I have posted. Unfortunately so dont alot of other people. I was on 3rd page Id really appreciate a rundown in the PC and an honest feedback! Thanks guys.

  4. It's a good build, made better by a GTX 660 or GTX 670. Oh and a different PSU.

    Video Card (GTX 670)

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