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So my comp started to shut down about 2 mins after booting. I gave my card for inspection and they said there was a problem with the chip but they fixed it. I got home n tried it and same thing happened again. So ive put the entire cpu in the shop but im preparing for the worst. I might have to replace my 8800gt and im looking for cheap suggestions :P
I mean i need the same performance or better and looking for cheap substitues. It should fit in into my current config as im not looking to replace the other parts this month. My current config is
intel core 2 duo 2.33 ghz
nforce 650i
nvidia geforce 8800gt 500mb
2 gb ram
3 tb hdd
450w psu
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  1. You need to aim for a decent card but that will cost around $120 give or take a little to actually see any performance gains over your now failing 8800gt. Low end Fermi and Kepler era cards struggle to out perform a gt240 or a 9600gt. A GTS450 or a GTX550Ti I would consider minimum but on the red side a 7750 or a 7770 will be a nice upgrade and near the base performance of a gtx460/560.
  2. If you're willing to buy used, GTX 550 Ti's are decent are around $70-80 on eBay. If you're buying new, a Radeon HD 7770 GHz is tough to beat for a $105.
  3. $100 - $120 is decent.. i can afford to spend that. I heard Radeon HD 6670 is good ? but then again it should fit wid my mobo
  4. The 7770 GHz is a good deal better then the Radeon HD 6670. I'd opt for that.
  5. $105 for radeon eh ? seems like its $220~ in india lol
  6. Ouch... Nevermind. It's half that in the states. How much is the 6670 you mentioned?
  7. thats like $100 ... so my best bet is radeon cards ? seems the 6770 is better than 8800gt ? im a lil illiterate in thse things so i cant figure but the scores on 6770 look good as compared to 8800gt.. i hope my mobo supports these cards c4z 5t says Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6670 1 GB DDR3 n i know y mobo doesnt support ddr3 ram ... dunno if its the same
  8. VRAM is separate from system RAM. You have use a card the has DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 or DDR5 RAM on your motherboard. In fact your 8800GT had DDR3 VRAM.

    If you can get either the Radeon HD 6670 or Radeon HD 6770 it will be a good choice. The 6670 will offer similar peformance to what you already have and the 6770 is a good deal faster.
  9. The 6770 is noticeably better than the 8800gt; the 6670 would be closer to the 8800gt.

    Both have the advantage of more vram and being dx11 compatible, though.

    The 6770 is the way to go, if you can afford it. And yes, you're pretty much stuck with AMD for low-end cards... Nvidia rarely offers compelling performance options below the $200 mark.
  10. well thx a bunch guys... some shady computer dude in my locality told me my mobo wont support the current cards.. something about the agp or sli or some slot he was talking about.. any ways im tempted to get the 6770 but i dont think i really need it .. as the only thing i play is diablo3
    PS : now after reading certain posts i hope its not my 650i thats faiing
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