Amd 4100 4.0ghz sapphire 6670 2gb

Hello, I have a 300 budget. Got my eye on this

Amd 4100. 4.0 ghz
8gb ram
1tb hard drive
Gigabyte motherboard
450w psu
Sapphire 6670 2gb ddr3

Monitor 22" hd LCD tv via hdmi

I want too play cod/bf3 on medium atleast?

And mainly I play world of warcraft , I would like to play this on medium/high? And what resolution would be best?

I'm not a tech nerd so , answers too my questions would be appreciated thank you
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  1. Oops left out 2 question marks thanks
  2. 300? What? Dollars, Rupees, Pounds, Euros???

    If you are posting in Dollars (US) you will get a card that will be much better than your current choice (6670) with $300. A good one is a 7950.

    If that 6670 is only your choice, I would get the 7750 instead.
  3. £300 for whole PC lol not on one gpu
  4. Alright, fine. The 6670 won't cut games in high settings. Except games that are not that demanding. WoW might run in medium settings or maybe high settings, but don't expect to run like skyrim in high settings.

    Personally as I said before this is a bad choice. I would recommend the 7750 instead.
  5. zzz... Not sure what I was typing, it was BF3. Apologize for the lack of research on my messages.
  6. Ok I'll stretch for 7770 , what can I expect on that with my budget rig on this chard with wow and bf3 thanks and my psu will be fine?
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