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Im planing to replace my 5 yr old computer but this time its not possible to shell out the the same amount of money as i did with my old one. My 5yr old computer was 1k back in 2007 and was prebuilt. This time im planinng to build it myself but this time my budget is $500 U.S. tops, better if its under $450 What im planning for the cpu is AMD A8-3850($95) with an Asus F1A75-v Pro($115) MoBo with and F1 socket. Im staying under $200 for both the CPU and the MoBo. I would like some recommendation of better CPU and MoBo thats under $200. I would like some Intel CPU/MoBo recommendations that stay under the limit and would be awesome if they perform better than the ones i posted. If i actually go for the ones that i stated, ive looked everywhere for heatsinks for the F1 soket but cant find any good ones. I read somewhere that AM3+ heatsinks are compatible with F1. If this is true can you recommend a good heatsink thats under $20. Thanks for reading and i hope you respond.
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  1. First of all, socket FM1 is dead, so don't buy the 3850.
    AMD has just released the 2nd generation APU's, a A10-5700 definitely looks good for you. May become available near you in a week or two:) It's socket FM2 based, and it will be supported for another generation too :)

    What do you do with your system? The 5700 build will give you very good overall performance, and will also allow you to play games at decent rates:) Infact this chip was actually built for budget conscious people like you :)
    Take a looks at the performance:),3224.html

    An i3 has slightly better single threaded performance, but horrible graphics as compared to the 5700. Unless you are going to put add a $100 graphics card or better into your system, i'd recommend you stay away from the i3.

    Also note that unlike the 5800K, the 5700 draws only 65W, even with a powerful iGPU inside, so power consumption is not an issue :) An i3 can draw 55/65W of power depending on the generation.
  2. Without knowing what you plan to do with it, it's hard to recommend a system with great integrated graphics (AMD) or great CPU (Intel).

    In the budget range, A6-3500 is a great AMD APU with nearly the top-of-the-line integrated graphics around $70. For the same $70 on the Intel side you can get the G860. The stock Intel heatsink is pretty good but without knowing what case, recommending a heatsink is not useful.

    A6-3500/ASRock A75M-ITX/4GB/64GB SSD/Silverstone NT07-AM2/Realan E-i5 mini-itx case with 120W AC adapter

    G860/ASUS P8H61-I/4GB/64GB SSD/Silverstone NT07-1156/Realan E-i5 mini-itx case with 120W AC adapter

    Both builds will run you around $350.
  3. If you want to play modern games get a Intel pentium cpu and a AMD 7770 those two parts are like 180 then 30 gets 8gb ram a 50 dollar micro atx mobo 15 for a DVD drive 50 for a quailry PSU 60 for a 1tb HDD plus 50 bucks for a case that's like 430 its 530 if you need windows 7
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