Pny nvidia geforce gt 630 problems

hi, i bought a geforce gt 630 and have followed intallation instructions but when i put the card into my desktop and start the computer i recive no video at all my monitor is black . i turned off my computer ,removed the card and restarted my desktop and it ran perfectly i havent installed anydrivers beacuse i cant see the screen to instal them and if i try installing them before putting the card in it doesnt work .. please help ive been goin at it for 6 hours and cant get it
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  1. The ONLY time I've ever experienced this is when I received a bad graphics card. If possible check it in another system, but fairly sure you are going to need to RMA it. Just in case the card is good I want to make sure you are following normal procedures. Are you plugging in your monitor to the graphics card? or integrated? Are you using the same type of port? as in both VGA or both DVI? or have you been switching the interface? Hope we can help! God bless!
  2. Is the video feed going through the motherboard when the graphics card is in the computer? What's your power supply?
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