System Power up Hiccups

Hello and nice to be a new member here, guys!
There is a little problem i would like to ask help for.
I had this system for quite a few years but recently the mobo gave out so i installed another one(myself)..
The system is working fine and trouble free, but most of the times when pc is shut down and i want to turn it on, pressing the power button does nothing.long pressing it, rapid succession pressing it did nothing as well.
There is a workaround though..
if i turn the psu switch to off and then unplug the power cord off it, then immediately plug it back on,and turn the switch on, system will boot with no problem(after i hit power button)..this is guaranteed to work and 100% replicable every time the power button does not respond..

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

info that might be of use:
All and every connection was made correctly and accurately (been putting on mobos for years)
cpu: c2quad q6600
gpu:ati hd 4870 512 gddr5
ram: corsair 4gb kit 800 mhz
psu: enermax noisetaker II 600Watts
mobo : gigabyte GA-P35-S3

Thanks in advance!
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  1. No ideas?IS it really that weird?Maybe i should be worried.
  2. Well make sure you have the power button connectors routed correctly. Use the manual to make sure it is right. that's what it sounds like to me. Also don't bump posts. You can get in trouble for doing that.
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