GTX 670 - Gigabyte vs Galaxy

I'm looking at upgrading to a GTX 670. I've already done the research and the price point and performance are right where I need them to be.

I was all set to buy an EVGA card, since they've never steered me wrong, but I read a lot of negative feedback about how loud the card is, that it has an annoying buzzing noise even when idle.

Obviously this led me to the Gigabyte version with the Windforce cooler, which I've read nothing but good things about. Unfortunately, I'd also really like to get a 4GB card, since I plan to heavily mod Skyrim and even one monitor at 1080p has been known to breach 2GB of VRAM.

The only other 4GB card I can find is from Galaxy. It has a custom cooler, which is a good sign, but I couldn't find any information about it like I could with the Gigabyte/Windforce. I felt it would be better to ask about the noise/temps it reaches before I bought it. Worst case scenario I'll just buy the Gigabyte and not mod Skyrim so much.
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  1. I would get the evga newegg reviews are not based on facts did you show you any proof of this issue your worried about if not don't worry about it
  2. The windforce is a much, much better cooler.
  3. I have always loved Gigabyte products, if you have to chose between those too go for gigbyte, they have a very neat construction and look. Even though MSI twinfrozr is a really nice, nd cheaper option. Regards
  4. The issue is I'd much prefer to spend the extra $40 for a 4GB card.

    My primary concern is avoiding the "whine" sound that many, many people have reported (not just from NewEgg) exists on the EVGA models. This leaves me with the Galaxy 4GB, but I cannot find any information on whether or not it "whines" as well. It has a different cooling system, so I suspect that it does not, but I was hoping someone here could verify that for me.

    The Gigabyte 2GB was the backup choice, in case the Galaxy 4GB did, in fact, whine.

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