Upgraded to a FX 6300 from Phenom II 955 SLOWER

HI Toms :)
I had a phenom II 955 not overclocked. in a gigabyte 990FX UD3 board corsair vengance ram 9-9-9-24. seagate 500gb baracuda sata 3. and a 5770. it ran black ops 2 at 1360x768 and decent quality in medium. i was pretty happy.

Well the 6300 6 core black edition got a price reduction. so I decided to grab it. since installing it. Ive realized its much slower loading into black ops 2.
does black ops 2 not do so well with amd multi core vieshira/bulldoza cores? or is it a windows issue??

I also got a 7850 powercolor o/c ediion 2gb. and I am running everything on ultra now (160 FPS in game)
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  1. Woah slow down with all the help there Tom's im getting overwhelmed :P haha
  2. there's nothing like the 6300 not doing well in black ops 2. If your windows is updated then it'll have the few patches microsoft released for the AMD bulldozer architecture.

    I believe you are also running CCC 13.1.

    game loading times mostly depend on the speed of your HDD. more than any other component.

    can you try lowering your resolution and game detail settings to the 5770/955 level and check if it is same as before.
  3. Loading into a game isn't CPU dependent.
  4. nothing else has changed other then CPU and video card. same drivers. hard drive everything!!
  5. Loading times are hard drive related.

    You have just mentioned that you get 160FPS on ultra?

    What part of that is slow???
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