Need Advice and Support with my specs in gaming

I have a little problem while playing Skyrim it had a mini hangs and i dont know what is the reason to this my Settings is on HIGH detect by skyrim?

My specs: Intel e5200 2.50ghz, Powercolor Radeon HD 6670 1gb ddr3 128-bit, 4gb ddr3 1333 memory only 3.5 gb read by my Windows XP 32-bit.

Need some advice and support to solve this, or a Windows 7 64-bit is a advantage in gaming with my current Specs?
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  1. What resolution? Skyrim is demanding and your system is low end especially the CPU.
  2. Also, try lowering the settings and see if that helps. As ^ stated, to play on better settings you'll need an upgrade for the CPU/GPU. The OS won't matter, ~4GB should be OK for now. Just cause Skyrim detected High would be fine, during intense graphical scenes, your PC could start to struggle keeping up.
  3. Well the thing is, your PC isn't up to the task of playing Skyrim smoothly at high settings.
    It'll probably do well on low details so try that one.
  4. I set the resolution on 1366x768 and the grahics in LOW, no difference it has a mini hang what solution to this? please help my radeon hd6670 128-bit 1gb ddr3 is newly installed and i got the latest driver 13.1, or my CPU bottleneck my graphic card?
  5. or the 13.1 latest driver for radeon hd 6670 has a problem? any suggestion ? THANKS
  6. It can be the new drivers, try rolling back.
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