Best reasonable / budget build for multitasking

I am looking to build a system that can be very comfortable to use - means SNAPPY AND FAST REALLY !

Currently my rig is - Amd x4 630 and biostar TA785GE mobo.

Please note - I will not game at all. My usage will be many applications loaded up (as I really open many applications + portable browsers (firefox / chrome) opened with many tabs each. - with each one running for different profile - as I surf a lot and with many tabs. + some VMs + general office work, movies and music.

In general many things opened up after some time I spend.
So I am looking for a quad or 6 core really.

1) If I had been not doing multple applications altogether - then I would have gone for core i3. But I think - it will not be enough for my usage scenario. So for like - 2 broswers at a time with 40+ tabs each + some 6-10 more applications - would i3 be better than an amd 4core / 6core ? I think not but can you tell whats your opinion ?

2) Also - what is the cost difference in running a 100W AMD TRINITY A10-5800K vs 65W TRINITY A10-570 - IN LIKE 1 MONTH - 8 HOURS EACH ? Too much ?

I was really surprised to know after I saw this article - THOUGH DATED 2008 ONLY - $124 cost of running a amd processor - for an average user and $308 for running full time (see next page).,1925-14.html

I have gone through all amd lineups - and have thought that trinity would be the one to get - as against other popular 965 BE AND PHENOM2 X6 1055T (the similar or bit lower priced) - why not spend $10-$30 more and get A10 for $125 - which gives apu too.

So A10 ($125) or 965BE (4CORE) ($95) or PHENOM2 X6 1055T (6CORE) ($110) . what's best at the moment in AMD ?

3) Also I could have gone for core i5 (though it would have not be as I would have liked in my budget) - but could have taken it then also if I had read this -
Which is not just for win8 but windows 7 too - but not for intel.

SO is there any way of getting those huge no of apps on - intel systems ? I really like palying with my computer more than the phone so would prefer these apps on the computer.

Also I guess these apps will be only available to amd fusion cpus (trinity) as I have read somewhere that this is suited to be better on amd fusion. So can we get all the apps on even any amd processor (old too as athlon X4 630) - or just trinity. Or on trinity laptop too.

Really the 3rd point has changed my mind - if I can use those apps on an old amd or amd laptop or MUCH BETTER INTEL CPU - it would have made a difference.
Would want to make the decision very soon.

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  1. Any help guys - I am looking for buying in very shortly.
  2. Not a A55 mobo at all. and core i3 as I have said would not be enough, I feel.
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