My pc compaq presario sg3470 il not start from last 2 days..but it was working

hi sir...
my pc compaq presario sg3470 il (dual core processor) was working fine but from last 2 days it is creating problem.sometimes it start normally and sometimes not start even after check normal problems such as to check the ram and put it again at there slots.processor is working fine because i heard the processor sound when i started the computer but only the blinking light at the cpu not work at that display at the monitor due to this problem.please find the solution for me..thanks..
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  1. Could be many reasons. Start with RAM. If you have more than one stick of RAM try running for a time with only one stick, and in different slots. Next check your HDD for errors. What Operating System do you have? If it's Vista, go to Computer and right click on your HDD (C Drive) Choose 'Properties' then Tools tab and select 'Check Drive for Errors' Scan your disk for errors, you will probably have to reboot to complete the scan before Windows starts. Post again if nothing found.
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