Cooler Master 430 Elite Back Panels

I have the cooler master elite 430 tower and when I was doing my first build I made the mistake of popping out two extra back panel slots (they do not go back in lol). I was hoping someone might know when I can get two replacements? I just want them to be compatable, color or look does not matter I just want the open holes from the panels closed to keep out dust. I have found this site so far.

I am unsure what panel would work with my twoer, or if any panel will work with any tower, lol, I am just unsure. Please let me know how I should proceed to seal the open slots I opened on the back by mistake.

Thank You Very Much
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  1. Well, I have the same case as you. Beyond the disposable slot covers it's nice. I'm getting a new motherboard, and in anticipation of a slightly different layout I'm going to get some replaceable covers.

    If you want vented ones, I'm looking at getting these:

    It should reduce most of the dust while keeping good airflow. I'll tell you how they work out if you want. For how cheap they are if they suck it's not much of a loss.
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