New raid problems!

These things are sent to try us...

The kg7 raid appears to work fine. I can set up raid 0 in the bios utility and also in win98se. Everything says it's working fine. As soon as I fdisk any disk or combination of disks (which takes place fine) I get windows protection errors on restarting and the computer tells me it's safe to shut off.

If I delete and recreate the raid but don't fdisk it I'm fine. As soon as I fdisk I'm screwed.

Any ideas? Please?!
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  1. Well,

    I would first make sure to get the latest BIOS. I have a KT7A and I've flashing it monthly since I bought it ;)

    Make sure you have good memory. Go get DocMemory at and run it for several hours.

    Get your hard drive's manufacturer utility (ex.: MAXBLAST) and verify your drive for errors.

    Start with BIOS Fail-Safe Default...

    I personnaly like Partition Magic a lot (version 5.01 includes a DOS based utility).
  2. Try running Fdisk from your Win98 boot disk, or someone else's. Might be the program.

    <b><font color=blue>~scribble~</font color=blue></b> :wink:
  3. Success!

    First I tried changing the jumper settings from cable select to master/slave x2 but to no effect.

    Next I booted to the Win98 CD rom and started the computer with CD support. Ran format (a whole 10gig apparently...)in dos then restarted and this time I could boot into windows. Windows also recognises the full size of it too, it just couldn'tformat it after fdisking.

    Only problem now is strange speed results - ahh well..
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