Gtx 460 + Sound Freeze/Loop

Hey guys, wonder if anything has ever experienced the same problem i am having. I have SLI gtx 460 v2's, and the problem is, when i play games that get higher temperatures (happened when playing borderlands with each card at 60-63 degrees Celsius) The game will suddenly freeze, and there will be a buzzing sound, ctrl + alt + delete does not work, the only way i can turn my computer off is to hold the power button. When playing low end browser games that put me at about 37-45 degrees Celsius, it never has a problem and i can easily play for 12+ hours. If you can help me out in any way, if you think i should take the voltage down (with the cards being superclocked versions.) Any input is helpful! i would also like to add, something simple as watching youtube while on a browser based game will take it from 37 degrees Celsius to 42-50 degrees Celsius.

mobo: asus p67 sabertooth
graphics card: gtx 460 v2 sli
power supply: xion 850w
ram: 16gb corsair vengeance
case: haf 912 (200mm top fan, 120mm exhaust in the back, 120mm side fan)
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  1. Hi.

    Your temperatures seem normal (but i don't have a SLI so i can't be sure)
    i'm no pro with hardware. but i think that either:
    A: 1 or both of your cards is defected.
    B: this isn't a GPU problem

    i'm leaning torwards B, because i have a similar problem, but it isn't very persistent.
    A few times a month exact same thing happenes to me, but in my case the sound comes from HDD.

    So changing HDD to a different one might solve you isue
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