Is a gtx 670 a waste on my current system?

My system would be the following

AMD Phenom x4 965be
Gigabyte 880ga-ud3h
8gb kingston value ddr3
60gb ocz agiity 3
modxstream pro 500W
Gigabyte gtx 670

I know that I may have to upgrade my psu to a 600w.

My question is whether a gtx 670 would be bottlenecked on my current setup, I currently have a 6870 and was going to upgrade to a hd7950 but my main game is bf3 and the gtx 670 has such higher benchmarks that the 50 extra dollars seems worth it.
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    it will bottleneck but not that bad if you could overclock that cpu to around 3.6-4ghz. Its not a bad cpu you have to be honest.

    Either way, the gtx670 would be a better choice over the hd7950, and your current psu will be fine for the gtx670 since it actually draws less power than even a gtx560 ti.

    Just get the gtx670 and see how it goes.
  2. It wouldnt be that bad, the 965 is still viable. Just bump up the overclock a bit. May as well get the 670. Chances are that you would upgrade the processor before the card, so when you do that you can just re-use the card.
  3. Without the monitor information, I have no idea. The amount of graphics power you need is more directly tied to the monitor resolution and refresh rate than anything else.
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