Computer shutting down after 5 secs...cannot identify problem.

Hi, great forum..wonder if anyone has any ideas on this issue i am having.

My friends packard bell UTOW D10 wont boot up. Motherboard is MCP73VT-PM Processor is intel core 2 quad core 2.4ghz with 250w fsp power supply.

The sytstem turns on and the cpu fan is working then all of a suddent the computer shuts off after about 5 secs, no beeps and nothing to the monitor. I initially thought this to be processor issue as no beeps being issued. I have systematically replaced cpu,motherboard and power supply with identical parts and the computer is still doing the same, cant understand what it could be. luckily hdd is ok and have recovered data. The ram also works fine in another pc so is not that either. Any ideas??????
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  1. On the board there should be a 4 pin or 6 pin plug close to the processor make sure this is plugged in. Without this being plugged in you will see the cpu fan spin for a few seconds and nothing else will happen. Basically just what you are saying is happening.
  2. yer theres a 4 block from the power supply which is plugged in and also the 4 pin plug from the fan these are both plugged in,cant see any other near processor that should be plugged in.
    Av also cleared the cmos, no effect either.
  3. I just repaired exactly this model of PC with the same symptoms. The fault was the PSU.
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