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Z-Fighting (Texture Flickering) LOD issues in Games

Hi, I would like to know if anyone has found a work around or a fix for games that deal with Z-fighting. I understand that some have found "fixes" that seem to work for a certain game (editing .ini files or some unofficial mod) but I've not heard of anyone finding a program (rivatuner ATI Tray tools.......... or something) that would fix the problem once and for all on all games...

Incase anyone is reading this that is not familiar with Z-fighting, as I understand it, Z-fighting is a phenomenon that occurs when 2 different textures have such similar coordinates that from a distance, the GPU can not decipher which of the two it is supposed to display. The two different textures with the same Z coordinate fight for the same location. Thus the name "Z-fighting"... I am not a software engineer or anything, but from the wiki page and various forums, this is what I have gathered.

The following videos have been uploaded independently by a variety of gamers all experiencing the same issue.

Fallout New Vegas:


I am not the only one experiencing these problems, in fact they seem quite common.
My computer is running at stock settings.

I've tried...

1. Changing GPU from Visiontek 6850 to Sapphire 4870
2. Changing Mobo from Biostar A770E3 to Gigabyte GA970AUD3
3. Updating GPU driver to latest 12.6
4. Updating Chipset
5. Updating BIOS
6. Changing RAM
7. Upgrading power supply (now 720 w 80+ cert Antec)
8. Reformatting and reinstalling windows
9. Switching from windows 7x64 home to windows 7x64 pro
10. Modifying Resolution of Games
11. Adjusting AA and AF settings
12. Contacting GPU brand manufacture. AMD, the chipset manufacture, and Bethesda, the software producer...

If anyone has any advice on work arounds, or fixes for this problem, please let me know... for now Fallout NV is unplayable :(

My Current Specs:
Processor: Phenom II X4 960T @ 3.0 Ghz
RAM: 16 Gb
OS: Win 7 x64 Pro
GPU: Visiontek 6850 @ Stock Values
Games: Downloaded/Updated/Managed through steam

Thank you
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  5. What versions of the game do you have? (Steam/retail/etc).
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