Hi There, can anyone assist me on the below issue,

I recently bought a graphics card ASUS HD 6670 DDR5, when i inserts it in to my computer it works and suddenly stop diaplays and showing no signal but still the CPU is running, my machine configuration is,

AMD FX 8120 (8 Core) (3.1 GHz)
ASUS mother board (M5A88 E) (ATI HD 4250 integrated graphics)
Transcend RAM 8GB (4x4)
Gigabyte Superb 550p (450 Watt PSU)
Cooler master 430 elite cabinet,

Display works fine when i connect to my onboard VGA, problem is with only when i connect to my graphics 6670,

It it a PSU issue, or gard issue, or driver issue,

Can anyone please come up and help me,
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  1. I think it could be power.

    When I had a system that would go over the 700W PSU I had in there at the time, the displays would all turn off but the game was still running (albeit frozen) behind the blacked out screens.

    I bought a new Platimax 1200W for my current system but used it in that one and my power issues evaporated. Those 450W PSUs you get are often terrrrrrible. After a few years they degrade to far below what they started at.

    I'd go out and grab an expensive but 80plus Platinum 650W PSU. Even if it doesn't fix the problem you'd still increase your overclocking headroom and save money over time on efficiency.
  2. Check your BIOS setup. Make sure that the Primary Graphics Controller is set to [GFX0-GPP-IGFX-PCI] and Surround View is set to Auto or Disabled.
  3. HD 6670 should run on a decent quality 300 watt power supply.

    Here's a review of your Gigabyte power supply.....might be good for 450W:

  4. Thanks for your input smashman, but for the version i bought they recommends a 400 Watts PSU so i bought 450 a bit higher than that, but see all becomes ***, i raised a ticket also at ASUS support, they said it might be driver issue, also they asked me to change the graphics to some other machine and check, and asked me to remove some application with is related to graphics such as gamer OSD and Smart doctor, these are ASUS graphics related S/W come along with CD and as weel available in their website,

    What do you thinks about this smashman ?

    Regards, Shiva
  5. Yep, i never noticed this, Sure i will do this get back at you,
  6. The power supply should be fine to be honest. The 6670 should work fine. Check the BIOS to make sure that the video card is the primary video adapter.
  7. DavidY said:
    HD 6670 should run on a decent quality 300 watt power supply.

    Here's a review of your Gigabyte power supply.....might be good for 450W:


    Dave, for the card they recommends a 400 watts and i got 450 quite higher than the expectation, but still problem
  8. They've got the right idea at ASUS. You need to start isloating the card from other components. If you have another computer you can pretty easily pop the graphics card into it and see if you have the same issue.

    Could also be the PCIe slot now that I think about it. Try opening up the case and giving the card a slight wiggle while it's running to see if you can trigger the issue.

    Unfortunately there's no easy answer. Just keep troubleshooting different ways.
  9. Hi Everyone, here some more information for you , it never happen whenever i play games such as TDU, NFS, even in high graphics, but it happens only when we works in normal activity example, when i try to play a movie 1080P it display no signal one time , and when i try to change the theme on windows 7 it displayed no signal next time and so on,

    Any idea ?

    I also tried continually playing 8 hours it worked, happening only when we come out from game and do normal activity, quite strange but happening to me,

    Regards, Shiva
  10. SivarajIT said:
    Dave, for the card they recommends a 400 watts and i got 450 quite higher than the expectation, but still problem

    Yea, AMD overrates their power supply recommendations. I've run a GDDR5 6670 on a 250W power supply and it worked. Its all about the amps on the 12V rail. The 6670 does not have a large amount of power usage.
  11. Ok well if it's not happening under load then we can rule out heat and power.

    It sounds to me like Windows is having trouble changing the resolution and refresh rate and is getting confused. I would first make sure that everything lines up; resolution and refresh rate should be the same in the Catalyst Control Center and in Windows.
  12. Let me try this out today, and i have changed few OS's such as XP/Win 7 professional/Ultimate, i happened everywhere, so you are sure right it would be a resolution issue, and everything should be same between windows and ATI Catalyst Control,
  13. Can anyone tell me if i disable the integrated graphics through BIOS and set the graphics to GFX0-GPP-IGFX-PCI, will this help me ?
  14. Yes you should have the intergrated disabled. Some motherboards automatically do it, and some do not.
  15. Hi Everyone

    Can you help now, i have done some R&D with the help of all above replies you all done, but no luck, i tried disable the integrated graphics and installed the OS (Windows 7) but when i try to install graphics driver it displayed no signal, then i rebooted it through safe mode, normally safe mode loads all the drivers initially right, for me when it comes to atipcie.sys i got displayed "No Signal" then the CPU runs faster with out displaying anything, A clue is it, when ever it displays "No Signal" then the CPU runs very faster,

    Regards, Shiva
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