Gigabyte GTX670 Windforce vs Palit GTX680 Jetstream Help ASAP!

Hi guys, I have just checked out with my selection of my new build yesterday. During checkout I saw a deal about the Palit GTX680 Jetstream and it had "Killer Price"

So it the Palit GTX680 Jetstream worth the extra $50 to replace the Gigabyte GTX670?

Can you guys tell me if it is much heavier/louder/faster/cooler than the GTX670? I did some of my own research and it looks like its a bit louder/hotter/faster than the GTX670.

I think I can still cancel my order and change if I there was a point in changing.
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  1. Can I get an answer please, my payment is about to go through :O
  2. Hmm. There are lots of threads about a GTX 670 vs a GTX 680. The difference is very small. Normally you would have to pay $100 dollars more for a gtx 680 but now you can get it for $50 more. I personally never heard of Palit and I would prefer gigabyte over palit. I would actually not spent $50 dollars more on a small performance increase but that is different for everybody. If $50 dollars is not a lot for you then the GTX 680 might be a good deal (even if it is from palit).

    - Fastreaction
  3. Yeah it is a killer price. GTX 680 is still faster than a GTX 670 but it has bad value. But this time it is only $50 more which is nice.

    I just don't want to buy it if Palit is a bad company and wont last as long as my 670.
  4. I'd take it if you can afford it.
  5. Okay, are there any big flaws from this Palit GTX680? Is it like too heavy so you need one of those bracket supporting thingys?
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  7. Thanks for this review. I will try to switch my GTX 670 for this then :)
  8. Have fun with your purchase :).
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  10. i had a Palit 8800GT and it still runs very good on a friends PC (got it 4 years ago...)
  11. Damn, sadly I cannot change my items. Looks like I will have the 670 now. Oh well, it's still a very good card.
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