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since im upgrading most of my pc compents i want to know if this will be good for adobeycreative suite. Is what it looks like i already have a 550ti which i use for light gaming in CS, Minecraft, Dayz. I have the 2600k listed because i couldnt find the reg 2600 and last time i seen it the k was cheaper for some reason. u just want to know if it will work good with adobe. i already have a ssd bootdrive. i also don't know how long my 550ti will last its old and it glitches in Minecraft and dayz somtimes. so i might have to add a 660 very soon
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  1. It will, sort of, work, but the H61 motherboard does not support 6Gb/s HDD, or USB3. Also the i5-2600K is now a bit dated, and, if you don't want to overclock CPU, the i7-3770 would be much better, for only about $15 more. If you then link that with a H77 motherboard (preferably not Biostar), and you will have a MUCH better system, with USB3, and 6Gb/s SATAlll. A GTX660 would be a good upgrade. I don't think it is, as yet "approved" for Photoshop, but should work well, certainly as good as the 550Ti, plus a LOT better for games.
    If you use Ivybridge and H77 mobo, you can increase RAM speed to 1600 MHz.
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