7670M *vs* Multi 7610M (Discrete) & 7640G (Integrated)

Which one of those laptops is the best for gaming ?

Core i5 2450M (Dual-Core @ 2.50GHz) + Radeon 7670M


A8-4500M (Quad-Core @ 1.90GHz) + Super Multi AMD Radeon HD 7610M - Discrete AMD Radeon HD 7640G - Integrated
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  1. 7670m is the most powerful out of the three. And the i5-2450m is hyper-threaded, while the a8-4500m is just a dual core. But don't expect spectacular gaming performance.
  2. The first one is a bit more powerful, should play latest games on low-medium settings.
  3. Quote:
    while the a8-4500m is just a dual core

    The A8 is advertised as real Quad-core with 4 threads

    But don't expect spectacular gaming performance.

    I'm expecting at least similar performance than my A8-3870K/Radeon-6550D HTPC.... right ?
    ...Which means i will be able to run all games currently released with medium to high graphics (my HTPC is running SC2, MW3, D3, L4D2, DI2 at highest graphics)
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    It should be a bit better than the HTPC, but remember, it's just an HTPC :).
  5. Thanks... Well i'm going to buy the Core i5 laptop then... :)

    It just sucks that it only has 3 hours of battery compared to 5 hours for the AMD laptop :(
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  7. Yea.. More powerful components tend to eat up more energy :P
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