GTX 670 3 monitors extended desktop + TV as clone of the main monitor

Hi folks,
lot of people ask for different multimonitor questions in 6xx series of graphic cards, but I didn't see anyone asking for what I need.
So basically right now I have GTX570 and some older gpu for the third monitor. Now I would like to connect TV so that I can play some of the games on that TV. I'm getting all sorts of problems with this setup and I also wouldn't mind getting rid of the 2nd old GPU to have some more space and air in my PC. Otherwise I'm ok with the 570 but if 670 can do what I need, then I would certainly go for 670.

So, can 670 do this: run 3 monitors - 1,2,3 with extended desktop where 2 is primary and also have HD tv as 4th monitor which is clone of monitor number 2?

Thanks for the answers
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  1. Key Features

    NVIDIA PhysX technology

    NVIDIA SLI Ready

    NVIDIA SMX Engine

    NVIDIA GPU Boost

    NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync

    NVIDIA Surround

    Supports four concurrent displays

    Microsoft DirectX 11 with Direct Compute 5.0 support

    NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready

    NVIDIA CUDA Technology

    PCI Express 3.0 Support

    OpenGL 4.2 Support

    OpenCL Support

    NVIDIA FXAA Technology

    NVIDIA TXAA Technology

    NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology
  2. Thanks, but how is that supposed to help me? I check boards and system specs before I asked. It's just the specific configuration that I need to know if works.
  3. not sure try downloading this and seeing if it says otherwise your best contacting evga and asking them
  4. If it isnt through nvidia surround then you should be fine, do you have everything atm? You might be able to do it through windows instead, I know for sure you can do it on AMD. In the nvidia software centre thing ( equivalent of CCC ) look for desktop management of something similar and get it to detect all four screens then you should just be able to choose extend / duplicate.

    That would work for AMD anyways, I've only ever used a Nvidia card in my system once and that was a long time ago so I may not be the best of use.

    Edit : Ah, upon re reading I think I understand you better now. The 670 has 2 DP ports a hdmi and 2x DVI so yes you can run 4 monitors from that with the use of DP to DVI cables or w.e connection you are using.
  5. I have everything at the moment, but it doesn't work that easy with 570. Until 6XX nvidia supported only 2 monitors. I have the third monitor on and older nvidia card. If I connect the tv to the old card, I can't clone from primary card. I guess only solution here would be to have tv with primary monitor on the primary GPU and have the 2 secondary monitors on the older gpu.

    Even if that works, I would love to get rid of the older gpu if 670 could do 3monitor extended desktop + clone tv from primary monitor (one of those 3 making up extended desktop.

    To clarify usage with games - I'm not after surround gaming, I'm more then happy to play on my primary monitor + on cloned HDTV
  6. If you have 3rd gen Intel chip you can use the IGPU, i m running 4 extended screens on a 550ti .... :pt1cable:
  7. legendarysouls said:
    If you have 3rd gen Intel chip you can use the IGPU, i m running 4 extended screens on a 550ti .... :pt1cable:
    He wants to play games maxed out a 550 ti cannot do that :pt1cable:
  8. u can use any GPU u want ..ati nvidia 6xx or 5xx ...doesnt matter .. just go into bios and n turn on the intel hd graphics n boom u got two more video ports on mobo... u can tell the computer to use which gpu on different exe's a hybrid technology ... i have the same chipset as u regina49.. u can use it to .. called virtu MVP ...... -_-
  9. I don't have on board gpu, I don't necessary need to play games maxed out (570 is enough for gaming), all I need is 3 monitor extended desktop + 1 HD TV to be a clone of the primary monitor.

    I know 6XX has 4 monitor inputs and I can manage the reductions, all I need to know is if such configuration is possible on 6XX.

  10. If you can, place a 2-way HDMI splitter on the video card HDMI output, drive your Primary (or any) Monitor and TV from the HDMI splitter 2 HDMI outputs.

    I have used this exact HDMI splitter (link below) with zero issues. There are some cheaper splitters but may/often require both output displays to always be on to work properly (not likely the case); or some other quirky issue. This particular one works with either single or both output displays on. The HDMI (and other) cables at Monoprice are good quality and prices too (just without the 85% markup to retail stores)... (and no I do not work for or represent Monoprice; just a happy long-time customer <g>). I have never gotten a bad cable from Monoprice btw.

    1X2 PRO Series Powered HDMI® Splitter with 3D support (Rev. 2.0)

    The disadvantage is that you will only ever be able to clone the Primary Display output; or whatever display is connected to the HDMI port on the video card to the TV.

    The advantages are; the HDMI splitter is relatively cheap ~$50, no moving cables, no switches, and the video card is technically only having to drive 3 displays in this scenario (doing less work).

    Good luck and let us know what works.
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