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Looking to try and build a new gaming pc. Had some friends help me with it, and give me insite on some good parts, and this is what it currently looks like. I look to run Dota 2, Skyrim, Deus ex etc. I don't look to run every game on max settigs. I can deal with low/medium as long as i can get good fps. Here is the build:

Price range is about 700-900. Some help to see if this build is good would be nice.
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  1. I would get this motherboard instead, it looks like you aren't gonna crossfire with your current build.
    Then I would get this case
    And then with the money you save you could upgrade to a 7870 or 7950

    Also the build you have will run any current game at high or ultra settings. I have a 560ti and I can run metro at 40-60fps. the 7870 and 7950 are a lot stronger, and the 7850 is decently stronger.
    Also I would consider this psu, it is slightly stronger, really efficient, and you will save a few bucks.
  2. Thanks for the help
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