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ATI Radeon or nVidia GeForce for 3D Applications (maya & mudbox)

Which one is best for 3D applications like maya and mudbox and Game is a plus.
Im planning to buy GTX 285(which is expensive (around $250) compared to it equivalent ati 4870 based on tomhardware GPU hierarchy) or ASUS Radeon 4870 which I already have but not working for me.
Will nVidia’s CUDA and Physx benefit me in the above applications or is it only for games? And lastly what’s the minimum required PSU for GTX 285. I already have 500W Cooler Master extreme power plus PSU
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    Don't buy GTX 285, it's not worth it. Much better buy would be GTX 560 Ti or similar. Since you want games to work as well, I am not recommending quadros, but they would do 3D job best.
  2. Thanks Sunius, i looked it up and decided to buy GTX 560 but the ti
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