To 8350 or not.

Ok, so here's my situation. Currently, I have an AMD FX-8120 overclocked stable to 4.3Ghz on air cooling. Now, I have seriously been going back and forth in my head for days now on whether or not the jump to the 8350 would be worth the purchase. My system is primarily used for 3D work such as 3D Studio Max and Vray rendering with some google sketchup modeling on the side, even some other apps like photoshop. I have no desire for gaming so I don't care about the intel vs AMD for gaming speeds. I just need to squeeze more speed out of my processor to improve my rendering times.

Currently 4.3 is the highest I'm able to go on my 8120, which by all means, is damn impressive considering it came stock at 3.1. I don't want to buy a new cooler either as the one I have works fine for my purposes, Coolermaster V6 GT. Now, I seen the 8350 comes stock at 4 with 4.2 turbo and after much homework learned it actually runs cooler than my 8120 at about the same speed right now. Without being too long winded, I want to ask this. Since I was able to squeeze 1.2Ghz out of my 8120, would I be able to possible cut it close, if not get 5.0 Ghz, on the 8350 using the same heatsink, the Coolermaster and still be stable? Is plunking down the 200 bucks for the 8350 worth the gains? I know it could go into a million year debate and I don't want to debates, just ideas of whether I could cut it close to 5.0Ghz with the identical setup, just obviously a new processor.

I'm trying to justify the 200 bucks for my purposes. With rendering, it's obviously all about speed. I'm trying to be realistic and not do any kind of world record setting or OC for bragging, I just need the maximum safe speed to up my workflow a bit. Thanks!

Edit - Sorry I guess my system specs could help here. Just the main components I can think of that might help.

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX MB (
32GB G. Skill Ares Series RAM (
AMD FX-8120 @ 4.3Ghz
Corsair TX750 PSU
Coolermaster V6 GT HSF
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  1. I don't know your ambient temperature or the model of your case, but it's save to assume that you'll get to at least 4.7GHZ stable on the FX 8350.
    Wether that's worth the 200 dolars is up to you, but in my opinion you should wait for Steamroller(The next AMD AM3+ CPU's).
  2. +1^
    The jump would make an improvement, but I doubt you'd notice any real world difference. Might as well wait now...
  3. Thanks guys. You know, it sounds like I may just end up holding off and wait for the next lineup. Of course, it may be some time, but I suppose it's worth the saving 200 bucks for a little 4-500mhz increase. It was just a really rough decision after so many hours of reading every possible review I could find about the 8350's.
  4. it'll be worth the wait, last time i checked its scheduled to come out sometime in 2014, doesn't make sense to buy a new cpu and then upgrade again a year or less later
  5. dlefik2008 said:
    I suppose it's worth the saving 200 bucks for a little 4-500mhz increase.

    Hopefully Steamroller will be more than just a bump in speed. They need an improvement in their IPC.
  6. IPC and hopefully a new 1090fx chipset to go with it.
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