GeForce GTX 660M overclocking issues.

Hello everyone! Today I am experiencing problems with overclocking the GeForce GTX 660M, first of all I can't overclock my GPU past 810 Mhz which I find it weird and here is a screenshot which shows my GPU is stuck a 405Mhz when it's supposed to be at 835Mhz I think: anyways if any of you guys out there who knows how to fix this issue, please do let me know as I am quite desperate, I don't really know much about Windows 7 because I used to be a Mac user.
Thanks! :D
P.S: My laptop is the Lenovo IdeaPad Y580
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  1. It's probably just underclocking because your system is idling. It's a power saving feature.

    You shouldn't expect to do much overclocking on a laptop. You're facing some severe thermal constraints, not to mention battery life (if you ever use it unplugged anyway).
  2. the gtx m series usually underclocks itself while not in full load. Most likely 405mhz is the gpu clock speed at idle. Why dont you run 3dmark or heaven benchmark in windowed mode and check the gpu clock speed while running the test. That should show you the real gpu clock speeds. Use msi afterburner for better monitoring- monitor the core speed, memory speed, memory usage, gpu temp, fps etc.
  3. Thanks for the answer sham and sakura! :) So there ain't any way to overclock my GPU? Thanks!
  4. No need to go that far, just click on the "?" next to Bus Interface on GPU-Z.
  5. All right here is a screenshot showing that the Core Clock can only overclock to 530Mhz and the core voltage is also grayed out, I tried to enable it on settings but it doesn't help. (
    thanks :)
  6. Anyone? :) Sorry for disturbing!
  7. Drivers, maybe?
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