Graphics card for rendering and 3D modeling.

Hello, i am looking for best card on stock for 3D modeling and rendering.

Programs i use

*Adobe After Effects
*Adobe Premiere
*Google Sketchup
*Cinema 4D
*Adobe Photoshop
*3ds Max

Price budget - none

Thanks :)
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  1. I'd recommend Quadro series as well, pick a model based on your budget ;).
  2. Money is not a problem. I am looking for best graphic card on stock for 3D modeling and rendering. I already spend 5000 $ on processor and hard drives.

    That's among the best professional graphics card on the market. I know it's pricy, but it's very good.
  4. Okay, thanks alot buddy ! I looked for some quadro cards, and i will buy a Plex 7000.
    That card have absolutely everything for what i am looking.

    So again, thanks jallen and Sunius :)
  5. Glad I helped, I somehow missed 7000 one was already available :O.
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