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I have a Gigabyte i440 BX-8671 MB and I have the handbook!! It currently has a P3 450 @100Mhz which I've ID' as a slot 1 SL3CC Katmai. My handbook gives dipswitch position up to P3 650 @100Mhz. But which P3/650 can I upgrade to?

The Katmais only run to P3/600 so the book can't mean that one. The Coppermines run at different voltage 1.65-1.7 against 1.98-2.07 for the Katmais. If I can only go to P3/600 (SL3JM, SL3JT) why does my book give an option for a P3/650?, which may be Coppermine SL3KV, SL4C5, SL3XK, SL3NR, SL452.

Also a bit odd that book was printed April 99 but has CPU configurations for CPUs that hadn't come out yet.
I know you'll say why bother but I use this machine for trying out free software before choosing to put it on later machine, plus the CPUs are only £10 on ebay.

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  1. I've had a system similar to yours and the CPUs which you mentioned to be Coppermine chips could potentially be installed with the use of a "slotket" "slotkey" or whatever it was called that allowed you to use a socket 370 CPU in Slot 1. I suppose that it is listed because it is supported in the BIOS?
  2. Thanks for the reply, using Wiki's list of P3 CPUs the Coppermines run at lower voltage and I can see the slotkets regulate the voltage for the CPU so sounds like a option. Plus that gives 5 more P3/650 types to hunt for or maybe stick with P3/600.

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