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  1. It looks pretty good to me. But, you're psu was a little but overkill, and I would have went with trinity for cpu. But this will be a good build.
  2. Looks alright. You didn't need 650W of power, but it would come in handy when it comes time to upgrade.
  3. Thanks for the reply's, I have another question, two actually. My old hard drive is a SATA 3.0GB/s, can it be used as a secondary to my new hard drive? Also, my GPU says it can play blue-ray 3D, but does my optical drive also need to work with blue-ray? I'm hoping that's not the case.
  4. I'm not sure about the Blu-Ray part, but I do know that you can add the hard drive if you want to.
  5. Your optical drive will need to be a Blu Ray drive of some sort in order to play Blu Rays.
  6. You made a good choice by getting the Llano CPU. The Zambezi series sucks.
  7. Regor245 said:

    If you can please get the A10-5800k and Motherboard as suggested. Caviar Blue/Barracuda 1TB HDD for the same price. It is faster than the Green drive you have. 7200RPM vs 5900RPM. Swap out these if you can.
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