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  1. Bump. Sorry I'm a little frantic lol I need to order soon and wanna make sure I'm not wasting any money or not getting something I should be.
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    pretty solid just make sure you get a cooler for the cpu if u plan on overclocking
    heres what i would do comes to 1100

    That looks pretty good, what would you do to upgrade that? Another card or maybe more ram?
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    What exactly are you using the system for? Without knowing, here something to start with comes to 1302

    Oh yeah sorry, I'm just trying to build a solid gaming pc without spending too much. I'm also going to school for computer science but that's not too demanding so far.
  4. Okay sounds good, any recommendations on a monitor?
  5. Not too much, I hear 1920x1080 is the standard, but if I can get something better for not too much more money then I'm open to the idea.
  6. StrangeInstance said:

    Oh that's real nice, I was trying to get it all off newegg but it looks like I'll be able to save some money by mixing it up.
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    how much are you tryin to spend? you can get a decent 1080 piece for just over a 100 but then the sky is the limit (2560x1440>1080 w/ 120hz > 1080 w/ 60z and bigger is always better)

    Another question, I can get the Radeon 7950 for only $300, is the 7970 GHz edition really worth the extra $150?


  8. Okay so here's my final build: I just wanna make sure all the parts are compatible and want some final advice, any last comments? The noctua cooler was out of stock so I switched to a zalman for the same price.
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    copy and paste the link next to "Permalink" on pcpartpicker so we can check it out

    Crap I thought I did because the url is a generic one, here it is:
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