How good is on-board sound for Maximus Formula V?

It has headphone amp which is what I need, but compared to dedicated sound cards is it just as good or would I be disappointed if I was expecting the same level that of a dedicated sound card with headphone amp? For example is it as good as Asus Xonar DG?
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  1. I am quite happy with my Xonar DG, if you want more info on this though I check out Head-Fi and post there they have a far larger knowledge base when it comes to audio. As thats what the forum is filled with nothing but audiofils. They are the ones who recommended I pair up a Xonar DG with Superlux 668b and I am quite happy with that setup.

    For for me I heard a bit of a difference in sound going from the integrated sound card on my mobo to the Xonar DG, not night and day but it still there. I can probably spot it better now as I'm more accustomed to higher quality sound now since I have gotten used to my setup and I was using some bad sounding headphones piror to the upgrade. For me though it was well worth the $20 upgrade, check out amazon/newegg/tigerdirect/etc usually one of them has a $10 rebate going on so you can pick it up for around that price.
  2. Well I already have the Xonar DG, the thing is headphone amp seems to be busted, so I need to either get a new sound card (something like Blaster Z), or get Formula V which already has headphone amp on on-board audio. I'm getting a new mobo in the process anyway so it's cheaper for me if I just get Formula V as oppose to getting a sound card and a decent motherboard. Formula V is an awesome mobo so if on-board audio is good enough I would definitely go that route, but just wondering if on-board audio headphone amp is good or not.
  3. What is your current setup? maybe if anything I would get a Essence STX over a new motherboard the sound quality would be vastly superior when it comes to a AMP/SOUND.
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