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    this one is the best out of these dual should get the cheapest quad core processor really in 6 months you will be complaining about the performance
  2. the last one of those is not LGA 1155.

    And out of the other three you will most likely not notice any significant difference, but I would go with the Intel Core i3-3220 as it is a newer generation and the best one of the three.

    I agree with Alvine... a PC is a decent long term investment so spending an extra $50/60 for a quad core i5 would really be worth it in my opinion.
  3. Get the i3-3220 if you can only afford to spend about ~120$, the i3-3220 is an ivybridge cpu, the others are sandy(excluding the last one, that's not even for that socket), the ivybridge will have a slightly better performance since it's an improvements from the sandy bridge architecture.
    If you can afford an i5, get the i5-3470, best bang for the buck i5 :
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    Double post, also if you don't need the on die gpu, you can get the i5-3350p for 180$.
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