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Hi all !
Recently My cousin had troubles with his i7 CPU which had reach over 70-78c so that I am worry about my CPU temperature (i5 3570-IB)
_In Idle status, all 4 cores have average of 26-35c
_In gaming status which I play Dead Space 3 (maximum setting), they have avarage of 45-60c
Just build last week so that the dust wont be the problem. My case has 2 fans (165x165mm). Set up for the CPU fan at around 1200-1300rpm.
In my place, the air is currently about 18-24c, when it turn to summer it may reach 30-34c
So is this ok for my CPU or I'll have to find a way to get a cooler temp ?
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  1. those are absolutely fine. check with a couple of programs just in case there is an error.
  2. You are more thank Ok, you're fine. However, what are you using for cooling your CPU?
  3. Those temps are fine, your CPU should be able to withstand probably another 25-30C before you should be getting worried. If you really want to test the temps, tryout Prime95, it'll work your cores to max load and at the same time you can monitor temps with something like CoreTemp.

    I'd be more worried about your cousins temps and tell him to check his heatsink seating, or to get a new one.
  4. MAX temperature of the ivy-bridge series is about 105 C, you're far from the critical point. I got 87 C in prime95 using a stock cooler, I installed a water cooler and the temperature dramatically dropped, but I would just like to mention so you could compare how other people fare with the i5-3570. Enjoy your CPU! :)
  5. Last week I tried Crysis 3 on max setting, after 30min I got an average of 53-69c (have not seen they reach 70c yet).

    to hero1: I am using the default case cooling system (3 fans 165x165mn)
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